For each product, dimension, weight to guarantee a safe transport of your choice.

All our packagings are produced with the most high quality materials in full compliance with international standards and packing norms.

With our custom made packagings your shipment will be optimally protected during all the challenges it will face during the freight.

All our packagings that Pack-It produces are based on the international recognised packing instructions, specifications and guidelines of the S.E.I.L.A.

(Syndicat de l’Emballage Industrièl et de la Logistique Associée).

Pack-It guarantees a safe, solid and worthy packaging for each transport model of your choice.

For the production of our wooden constructions all wood is heat treated and fully in compliance with ISPM 15 regulations.

With this compliance of ISPM 15, we guarantee a fluent importation of all your shipments repacked by our services in each country of destination.

All the wooden packagings are marked with IPPC certification symbol to prove the origin and full compliance.

You name it, we PACK-IT!

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