Art & antiquities

Packaging of high value and unique objects like in the form of art or antiquities demand extra attention and knowledge to guarantee a safe packaging.

Within Pack-It a “Special Arts Division” is established that understands the special needs and requirements to serve this particular niche.

These fragile shipments will be handled and packed with necessary care and caution with high value protection and packing materials.

All specifications of the fragile goods will be protected with, pack foams, bubble foams, poly chips, anti-shock materials,….

We also provide a full logistic “white glove service” and deliver from seller to buyer worldwide.

Within this white glove service we pick up the artwork at the seller: artist, museum, auction house, particular,

Subsequently we condition and pack the fragile shipment with all the necessary requirements to guarantee a safe and healthy transport to its final destination.

No shipment is too fragile to be packed and shipped by our services!

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Machelen Cargo

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