about pack-it

Pack-It is a dynamic logistic company specialized in custom packaging, container stuffing, warehousing and full project coordination. With our strategic geographical location near Brussels, we have managed to create a perfect base to serve and operate our activities not only in Belgium but within the whole European Union. We are able to provide a full logistic chain from producer to end-user throughout the whole world. For each activity that we perform we have special departments set up within our company to guarantee a high quality service from administration to operational execution.

Our focus lays on quality, safety, flexibility and

personal approach

Our licensed, administrative, operational staff and packing teams have multiple years of experience to find a solution for each challenge to guarantee a high quality execution and follow up throughout our full service.

Every shipment, from artwork to rough machinery, will be treated with the necessary caution

All goods will be treated and lifted with certified devices to guarantee a safe and healthy manipulation.

We work with a never say-no-mentality and you can reach us 24/7 to provide you a just-in-time service for each required logistic challenge.

No shipment is to fragile, big, heavy or extreme to be treated, packed and freighted by our service

We’re here for you and you can count on our expertise.


Building 729


Machelen Cargo

1830 Machelen, Belgium